by: Carson Smith (Pen Name)

Hello! My name is Carson. I am a 7th grader from North Carolina. The school I go to is called Providence Christian Montessori Community. 

Hey! Do you want to learn to paint? First I need to tell you how the brush strokes work. You always want the brush to be on the flat side. You also want to go up and down. If you are going side to side then you also want it to be on the flat side. Make sure you use both sides of your paintbrush. 

Next, let’s blend. It is usually pretty easy but sometimes it can be hard. First, you will need the colors you will use. Put them on the canvas, then spread them around. Start to get the colors closer together. Then make the colors touch and they should start to blend together.

Most of the time people blend the colors too much, and they turn kind of ugly so don’t do that! I taught myself how to blend, but I also sometimes watch videos on how to paint for beginners. Try different colors and you’ll get it. Also, just try a drop of each color. A paper plate is a good place to practice. Don’t ruin a canvas by putting too much paint on it, or by blending paint that doesn’t look good.

My parents were always supporting me on my art.  I always thought I was doing something wrong so I found a bunch of videos on how to paint, and look at me now – I’m the one who is teaching you!

I would recommend you showing all the paintings that you’ve done. Even if they are not good, you will get better. Showing them off will give you a lot more confidence. There are a lot of steps in painting and a lot of pressure so I want you to take things slow if you are a beginner.

Mixing colors can be super hard! It’s such a pain if you mess up. When I was a beginner I used a color wheel (it really helps). Now I just think of the color I am trying to make, and when I have the color pictured in my mind, I gather the colors needed to make the color. Sometimes I don’t pick the right colors so I have to start over, and even with this much experience, I have to get a color wheel. And sometimes I realize I need to use less of one of the colors in the mixture, so I start over for that too. That’s why it’s good to test just a drop at a time.

 When you are painting I recommend you listen to some music, or an audiobook you like it helps me to focus. Enjoy yourself and let your creativity flow.                                                            

Make sure you buy good equipment like paintbrushes, paint, and an easel. The cheap stuff can work in the beginning, but don’t skimp on paintbrushes. They will leave lines in your work, or even leave pieces of the brush on your canvas. Don’t ruin your masterpiece with cheap brushes. You can skip the pallet at first, but good paint and good brushes should be in your shopping cart from the beginning.

You might want to start with something simple, but try it – you might find out you’re amazing!

Now go have fun and paint!