file don’t pile

by: Izzy Fizzy Googlemen (Pen Name)

Organization is really important in life, and it is worth your time. I like it a lot because it is lovely to come home after a hard day at school when it is clean at home. I love that our house looks nice, and I don’t really have to do anything – that doesn’t happen very often, so it’s nice, especially on the weekend, or when I have other things that need my attention. Knowing that I get to spend my time on anything I want is wonderful. 

When I organize and sort clothes, hang pictures, and put things away in my room, I find out that it looks way neater and nicer. I also notice that I rarely asked the question, where is it?

 I watched a TV show on organizing. It helped me out. It is called Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, and it taught me to put my odds and ends in clear bins and get rid of stuff that is not needed or that I don’t even use. You might be surprised how much junk you have. I even realized there was trash inside drawers. I gave clothing to someone that could use it, and I sorted through my massive book collection. Who even needs this many pens? I found that other people in the family could benefit if I put things in a central location. Surprisingly, I found it easiest to get rid of stuff when I asked one simple question. Does it bring me joy? Purging is just as important as organizing, and it helps with time management too.

Another way to organize and get things straight is by getting a planner. I like paper planners, and some people like digital planners. Planners are really important, especially in education. Planners are very important because you do not have to stress over remembering the things you have to do. My friends like to use stickers and colorful pens, but I do not have time to. My teacher prefers a desk calendar, and my dad uses a calendar on his phone. Whether you use paper, technology, stickers, or alarms, organizing your schedule removes stress from your life and allows you to breathe deeply, knowing you have all of your appointments, assignments, and activities under control. I highly recommend using a planner in school or work.

Organizing is very time-consuming and requires focus, but when you are finished, you will be glad you did it. I had to take time every day to find stuff that did not have a home, but now that I have organized and labeled everything, it is so easy to find things in their home.

 I like organizing things in rainbow order because the colors are very helpful when you need to find something. Organizing things in rainbow orders is very helpful for kids or toddlers, but I personally like it. Colors make everything seem happier.

 One time my mom surprised me with organizing my room, and to this day, I have not changed it because it looks way better than it used to when it is organized. My mom organized my room because it helps me be a happier, healthier person, and it may help you too if you try it. She found out that it makes you less stressed when your room is clean, and I like it more when I have less stuff because I started to notice things and care for them. It is so cool when you use all of your stuff, and you do not waste space on the other stuff you didn’t even know you had.

 Organizing is used everywhere; for example, the world would be chaotic without organization. The USA uses it in the government in wars, taxes, and many more. Organizing is important if you want to get a good job, especially when you have a lot of paperwork.

 I love organizing, I love seeing the conclusion, and I love buying things used for organizing, but some of you might not. A way that helps me enjoy organizing more is to do it with a friend or a family member; you might be an introvert that likes to be alone. If you are, you can listen to music or watch your favorite TV show.

 Keeping your house organized is really hard. A lot of people have a hard time with bargains and clearance sections. One of the reasons keeping spaces organized is hard is because you buy stuff or keep stuff that is unreasonable or that you will never use, so you should try to enjoy organizing because to keep your house clean, you will probably need to purge or organize at least once a month. Make organization a habit. 

My biggest problem with keeping my room clean is that I do not really have time to put stuff up or do the laundry. What helps me is to put on my list of chores that I do monthly.

I hope you have found this very helpful and that it has inspired you to go and organize your house.