By: Jane Johnson

Hello everybody, and welcome back. My name is Jane. For this blog, I decided to choose a single word to tell you about. It’s a word that’s meaningful and inspiring. That’s why I chose the word fabulous. Fabulous is a word that I like because, well – in my opinion, it says everything someone needs to know about something or someone. The word fabulous stands for many things that I can relate to, for instance, something fabulous is also fantastic, amazing, beautiful, unique, lovely, outrageous, unstoppable, and special. These meaningful words all come together to create one great definition – FABULOUS. Now, anytime I use this term, even if I can’t find the right word, people know what I mean. With this word, I can now say more than just one word by using only one.

Normally, when people think of the word fabulous, they think of perfect or great…but is that all there is to it? Most people today don’t really think much before speaking. They do think about what they’re going to say, and if it sounds right, but they don’t always think about how their words may influence the way the person they’re speaking to will think of it. In case you didn’t understand, what I mean to say is that I think we should really think of everything we say, to make everything we say, more meaningful and fabulous. 

Anyway…the word fabulous may just be an ordinary word that anybody can use anytime, but the way I like to think of it is a little bit different. As I told you before, fabulous stands for many things for me.  

The word fabulous also reminds me of the song from the movie High School Musical 2, if you have watched it, you know what I am talking about. The three of the High School Musical movies are some of my favorites, the song “Fabulous” appears in the second movie and is sung by the characters Sharpay and Ryan (Ashely Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel). The song talks about how everything needs to be fabulous, perfect, and great for her, but in my case, I would say that I think that having something or someone fabulous isn’t necessarily about material things only, but about the sentimental value that somebody has for somebody or something. This is why the word fabulous can have different values and meanings depending on the situation that we are putting it in.  

The word fabulous pretty much means wonderful, marvelous, incredible, or extraordinary, but it also depends on the point of view of the person. So basically what I’m trying to tell you is that the word fabulous stands for different things depending on the person. 

A fabulous person with fabulous friends will know how to use fabulous words to make a fabulous point about sentimental value for their fabulous friendship to continue to be inspired, unique, lovely, special, amazing, wonderful, and extraordinarily fabulous in the future.