By: Johnny Ried

Faith Is trust or confidence in someone or something which means, you are sure that thing will happen. When you have faith, you have found something that many people don’t understand. I have learned that faith in Jesus is for everyone and is the most important decision I’ve ever made. 

Here’s a great example –  Let’s say you have some money; let’s make it ten dollars. Your friend wants to borrow it. As you give them the 10 dollars – you have faith and trust that they will pay you back. Obviously, if they don’t pay it back, then you were wrong, and you shouldn’t have trusted them. But when you did trust that it will happen – you hoped for it, you expect, and you tried to make it work out. That is faith. You have faith and trust that they will pay you back. If they don’t, they have broken your trust. Then you don’t want to trust other people in the future.

Confidence is knowing that your plans are going to come outright. Knowing I’ll get my work done by the end of the week or knowing for sure that my friends will be there when I need them and knowing I’ll get my ten bucks back are examples of great confidence. I am confident that when I sign onto a website, what I need will be there. When I play online games, my friends will not play against me. I am confident they will play for me. When you get dropped off at a football game, and you have confidence your team will win, you have something to celebrate.

Like I said, faith is being confident, and confidence is having faith. It’s kind of complicated. Faith doesn’t always happen quickly. It’s easy to have faith when things are for sure. It’s a process to believe in things that might not happen. It would be hard to believe a million dollars will fall from the sky – but it could. The less likely something is, the harder it is to have faith.

Knowing that God loves me is something I can be confident about. But trusting God can still be hard. Jesus can’t give me the answers to a test, and if I didn’t study, I doubt that a prayer for help me pass that test. That makes faith hard when there are things I should be giving to God. Sometimes things can actually take your faith away. When things don’t go your way, when you get hurt, when you get grounded, or when something valuable is broken or stolen, that disappointment can really mess things up. 

Having faith in Jesus, the Lord, our Savior should be easy, and finding confidence in Him is a good place to start. Faith Is trust or confidence in someone, and that someone should be Jesus. It’s a process….