By: Paige Grace

I chose the word faithful because the word makes me think about my relationship with God. God is good. I am confident that He makes my life better! He helps me know what is most important. I know that having Jesus as my savior is one of the most valuable decisions I’ve ever made. Now, I need to be faithful to God because other people need to see God living in me. If my actions are honor God, other people can see that God is real too. 

I have been through some very hard times. They always remind me I should pray. I pray often, and I know God is in control. We can pray for people who need God because they need a strong relationship with God; they might need healing or need something other people don’t know about. They may just need a Bible or a friend, and God is there for them. 

When I pray, I thank God for the day He has given me. I thank Him for letting me be alive, for letting me have the greatest family, and for a stepdad that provides for us. I don’t know where we would be without him. I thank God for helping us, giving us salvation from our sins, and showing us how that works. I am grateful for friends and school and all of the relationships in my life. I ask God to be able to see my real dad, to take care of my family, and for Him to watch over my grandma and grandfather. Truly, everyone in my life needs prayer. 

Faithfulness is the reason I have a relationship with God. God is faithful to me, and I want to show Him that I can be faithful back. It blows my mind how God created the world, rose from the dead, and how He holds the whole world in His hand. It’s amazing how awesome He is!