By: Izzy Fizzy Googlemen

What is laughter? 

The dictionary defines it as a show of emotion or a chuckle, but it might mean more to you. It does to me. I believe that laughter is more complicated than most people think. It is not just a chuckle. It is a sign of joy and happiness. When I hear laughter, the first thing I think of is about my family and me having a fun time. We love cracking jokes or just messing around. To some people, it might be different. 

What makes you laugh? Are you a loud outburst laughter type of person or a quiet giggle contributor? I have known people who base their lives on laughter or have jobs to make people laugh. Being a comedian would be a hard job because people are depending on you to make up jokes. Not just anyone can do it. I’m terrible at telling jokes. There’s just something about joke delivery I haven’t mastered. 

Laughter is all around us, but sometimes it does not show. For example, when we are angry or having a rough day, we might not even want laughter around us. It’s hard to explain, but sometimes it just doesn’t feel like laughing is a good idea. On the other hand, laughter at the right time is a great way to end a bad mood. If something is funny enough, it can bring happiness. It can make me forget why I was mad at all. And that’s the best kind of laughter. 

Being around my family makes me happy. They are great people. My dad is the best joke teller in our house. My brother makes funny faces. My mom has really cheesy puns. Our dogs do stupid things that make us all laugh. And my job is usually to be the serious one, and that makes me naturally clever. Lots of times, my family laughs when I point out funny things I see other people doing or use my wit to make something seem funny. That is what family is for – to bring laughter and joy into your life. 

Once I heard someone say laughter is the best medicine. It can make you feel good, turn your day around, and help you find happiness or a helpful distraction. I believe that without laughter, life would be bland, dark, and gloomy.