How I Know And Want To Be God’s Child

Izzy Fizzy Googleman

I know I am God’s child because it says it in the Bible, and everything in the Bible is true. Plus, it would be way too hard to make that up. I have been taught that my whole life. Thanks to my parents, I grew up in a Christian environment. Now that I am older, I have started to read the Bible, and I have grown closer to God, I believe I am God’s child- not just because my parents do, but because I do.

Some more proof I have is all the things He has provided for me and my family. I have a wonderful life with a wonderful family. I go to an amazing school, and I have wonderful people in my life. I would say I am lucky- but it is not luck but love.


It is important to be His child because you would fail in life without Him. He loves you and if you spend time with Him your life will be filled with happiness and love. God is like your shield; He protects you. I am not saying nothing bad will happen to you, but He will help you a lot in life. If you follow Him you will go to Heaven and have eternal life. That is how I know and want to be God’s child.