The Hardest Thing In Life Is Getting Enough Sleep!

By: PB&J

One of the hardest things in my life would be getting enough sleep. Now personally I think I do actually get a pretty good amount of sleep, but most definitely not enough, or what the recommended amount of sleep is -even when it’s the weekend. It’s so much more fun to stay up late at night and play video games or watch a movie. To me, sleep seems like such a waste of time even though I really enjoy getting a good night’s rest.

The 2 biggest things that keep me up at night are reading and electronics. Both are things I really enjoy doing, definitely more than sleeping. Even if I tell myself that I’ll only read a book for thirty minutes, I lose track of time – especially if it’s a good book. Reading a book does calm me down, and it is easier to go to sleep after my eyes get tired, but it also draws me in.

Gaming on weekend nights is always fun. Getting on and grinding a new game or the same game over again with your friends never really gets old. That is why it’s so much fun to play and so easy to play for many hours of the night. The end result is not much sleep, because my parents don’t really let me sleep in late.

There are so many things to do at night. You can get ahead on schoolwork, clean your room, work out, watch a movie, whatever you want! Compared to those things, sleeping just doesn’t sound fun to me or feel like it is worth it. And yes, I know I know – it’s what your body needs to grow and function well the next day, but all these great pieces of evidence go out of my mind when it gets closer to the time to go to sleep. I still do it, even when I’m punished for staying up late – by sleepwalking my way through the next day. I often think to myself, on those days I will never stay up that late again, but I do. 

I’ve been working on sleeping more. My Mom says it will stunt my growth if I don’t get enough sleep, and I definitely don’t want that. It may just be one of those things parents tell you to make you go to bed earlier. Either way, I need to work on it. Something that has helped me is reading a boring book. I don’t get sucked into it and lose my sense of time and it’s way easier to just put aside and get a good night’s rest.

I hope you have better sleep skills than I do. And if not, grab a dictionary and start reading.