The Wisest Person I Know

By: Izzy Fizzy Googleman

The wisest person I know is my grandfather. I have many other very wise people in my life which is a good thing. My grandfather is a jack of all trades. He is good at things from doing house chores to finding his way around the woods.

He served in the military in November 1968. He went into active war in  January 1968. He learned a lot in the military. He was stationed in different places so he knows a lot about different cultures.

Some of his best talents can be noticed just by observing. He is great with directions. He is very hardworking and determined. He is a great farmer. My grandfather can fix almost anything. He works six days a week in his own store that his dad owned before him. 

My grandfather is gifted with money. He helps my brother with all of his stocks. He knows a lot of money tricks that help you financially. My grandfather is very special and is an awesome person to have around for many reasons. The best one is that he always plays with me.

I respect my grandfather and I appreciate everything about him – he is the wisest person I know!