By: Bailey Boo and Rufus Two


A worldview is a person’s perspective of the world and could also be how people view you. Everyone has their perspectives of the world and people. Worldview is a personal thing, and it’s all about what you think. Your worldview won’t be the same as other people’s worldviews. It’s good for us to have a view of our world.

Our worldview as teens is different from other worldviews. How we view it is that there is a lot of pressure on teens. Society gives us standards that are impossible to meet. As we said, people have different views on the world and the people in it. Some people only see the bad in us, while others see the good in us. Sometimes we like to judge the outside appearance of someone before getting to know them for who they are on the inside. Exterior looks can deceive us. Lives that we see on social media can be completely different than what people make them out to be. Sometimes we think that we want to be someone that we see online. The reality is that they also wish that they could be someone else.

It’s essential to try to view the world in the most favorable light, despite all the bad we see. If we only view the world on the bad that is in it, it will only give us a bad attitude about our world. If we see something terrible happening, we can try to help fix it, but we shouldn’t dwell on the bad situations. It can lead us to become sad or angry with our world. While it is important to be aware of what’s happening in our world, it isn’t okay to dwell on it. As we have mentioned, everyone will have a different worldview and opinions on the world. We hope that you enjoyed reading our view of the world.