By: Zeek Manchester & Page Grace

A worldview is how you see the world or how you think the world should be. Just because you think the world should be perfect and everyone gets along doesn’t always mean it’s going to be that way. Or you might ask what does worldview mean. Well, it is a collection of attitudes, values, stories, and expectations of the world around us. It’s how you expect the world to be or how you want the world to be. The world is full of bad things that none of us can fix if you have children, you can help them become the very best person they can be.

We are now on the subject of why does worldview matter. Well, it doesn’t just affect the way we see the world, but it also affects the world we live in. the world We live in is with a bunch of murders, drug addicts, kidnappers, and a lot   more i want the world to change because trust me i know how it feels to have a family member that is on drugs it is not, fun so everyone is not the same. It is simply what a worldview is, it is just the way you see the world and how you think the world should be.