Hi, this is Bjorn Buck and Beverly Birdie. We go to Providence Christian Montessori Community. This is our blog about worldview. Worldview is very important and plays a big role in the world around us. It is how you see the world. We hope you learn something new in these following paragraphs.

The definition of worldview is a particular philosophy of life or conception of the world, but it is more than that. It is how you see the world. It influences your personality and how you act. It is your beliefs. You have a unique worldview. It is one of a kind.

What is our worldview? We want peace to make the world a better place. We are also Christian, and that changes our worldview completely. We have a purpose in life by sharing the word of God. We also love all of God’s Creations.

Why is worldview important? Well, there are many reasons it is essential. One of those reasons is that we would have no beliefs in the world. It would be boring if everybody were just the same. I would not like to live in that world. Would you? Another main reason is that if we had no opinions, then we would never make changes. We would never make goals to be better or improve in something. We would just stay where we are and not grow. That is why your worldview matters.

We hope that you know what worldview is. It is how you see the world, and you have your own unique set of glasses that you see through. It is vital that you find your own and learn more about it as you grow older so you can influence the world in your own way.