A Positive Worldview

By: Caitlin Frost and Donald Klutz

Worldview is a thing that is special to everyone. We all have different worldviews. Donald and I are both Christian. What it means to be Christian is (1) we love God with all our heart, soul/mind, and strength. (2) We love our neighbors as ourselves. (3) We use the Bible as our road map to life. We go to a Christian Montessori Community School. We like being Christian, and I suggest you follow God as well, but I am not forcing you to.

We both have a growth mindset, and that means we believe that our most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work. We are kind, generous, forgiving, thankful, nice, obedient, respectful, loyal, and a lot more. People can also have a fixed mindset. You can know if you have a fixed mindset if you are mean, unkind, selfish, a control freak, disrespectful, judgemental, or just generally a jerk. Have a growth mindset, and you will achieve in life.